Domestic violence charges often start with an argument, and they have the ability to change your life forever. People found guilty of domestic violence may find their careers affected, their housing impacted and their ability to carry a firearm taken away. They may also face fines and jail time.

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What If My Spouse Or Partner No Longer Wants To Press Charges?

The great majority of the time in domestic abuse cases, the victim decides not to press criminal charges. This does not mean, however, that charges will be dropped. Once domestic violence is alleged, the state takes responsibility for the prosecution. Prosecutors can use any statements your partner previously made — even if he or she declines to speak in court.

Because of the complex legal issues involved, it is important that you work with an experienced Montgomery County domestic violence attorney — even if your spouse has decided he or she does not want to press charges. I — Michael F. Dunn — have been representing people accused of domestic violence since I became an attorney in 1980. I know what strategies work best to protect my clients’ rights and freedom.

Reducing The Risk Of A Negative Outcome

If you plead guilty to domestic violence charges or are found guilty by a judge or jury, you could face harsh penalties. I work hard to reduce your risk of a negative outcome. Often, courts look favorably on your attendance at anger management classes or participation as a couple in marriage counseling. As your lawyer, I can guide you through the process and present these activities to the court to help you get a more favorable resolution.

My goal is to have the charges against you dismissed, but sometimes the best possible outcome is to have my client’s charges reduced to lesser offenses. Depending on the amount of injury inflicted, you may be arrested and charged with simple assault, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person or harassment. I am experienced defending against all of these different charges.

I Will Answer All Your Questions About Domestic Violence Law In Pennsylvania

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Sometimes domestic violence situations lead to assault charges. To learn more about the law on assault, please see my Assault Practice Center.