A charge accusing you of distributing or manufacturing a controlled substance in Pennsylvania, also called trafficking, can result in harsh consequences. As in most states, Pennsylvania has a schedule of controlled substances, and the penalty of a drug sales charge is determined by where the drug in question falls within the schedule of controlled substances. The particular charges and potential penalties are incredibly fact-specific.

A Serious Charge Requires A Serious Defense Lawyer

A drug trafficking charge can result from any situation involving a transfer, or intended transfer, of a controlled substance to another individual, even if you were not selling the drugs Regardless of the specific drug involved, Pennsylvania takes the offense of selling drugs very seriously. That is why it is imperative to have a criminal defense attorney, experienced in handling drug trafficking cases, working to aggressively defend and represent you.

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Understanding The Evidence Of Drug Sales And Drug Trafficking

A conviction for drug sale or drug trafficking usually relies heavily on the evidence presented. Even with no direct sale, circumstances can establish possession with intent to deliver. In a drug sale or drug trafficking case, the prosecutors may point to many factors in order to get a conviction:

  • Witness testimony
  • Selling to an undercover officer
  • Selling in the presence of a confidential informant
  • Packaging of the drugs into small quantities for alleged sale
  • Lists of client names and amounts of monies owed
  • The presence of digital scales

Because these elements are critical to a conviction for drug trafficking or sale, keeping evidence out of court can mean the difference between incarceration and your freedom. As your criminal defense lawyer, I will thoroughly and carefully investigate the search and seizure of all evidence, determining whether or not your constitutional rights were violated at any point.

Protecting Your Rights After A Drug Charge In Pennsylvania

If I can prove that your rights have been violated in a case involving drugs, it usually means that all charges dependent on the seized evidence will not be admissible against you. In other words, it can lead to the charges being dismissed.

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