When a person is pulled over for drunk driving in Pennsylvania, he or she is typically asked to take a breath test. While that person has the right to refuse to submit to a Breathalyzer test, the result of doing so is an automatic one-year driver’s license suspension. This becomes an administrative matter that is completely separate from DUI/DWI charges and must be addressed separately.

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Experienced With The Details Of Pennsylvania DUI Laws

I will put my experience as a lawyer since 1980 to work defending you if you have refused to submit to an alcohol breath test. While these cases can be challenging, I have the knowledge to handle them and all related DUI/DWI defense matters.

I encourage people to take the Breathalyzer test they are offered, as it can be disputed later. In my experience, I have learned that it is not a perfect instrument for measuring intoxication. There are many factors we can challenge, including whether the operator was properly trained, whether the machine was calibrated and whether the data it provided was accurate. As your attorney, I will thoroughly consider problems with Breathalyzers to defend your case.

Know Your Options After Refusing A Breath Test

If you refused to submit to a breath test, I can explain your options. In addition to handling the DUI/DWI charge, I can represent you in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation administrative hearings that result from a refusal. I am here to stand by your side and fight for you in both the criminal and administrative aspects of your case.

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