If you hold an occupational or professional license, a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) can have far-reaching consequences. In addition to fines, a driver’s license suspension and possible jail time, your reputation and career could be damaged. The best way to mitigate these kinds of consequences is by working with a lawyer who has experience defending licensed professionals against DUI/DWI charges.

I am Michael F. Dunn, and I have handled DUI defense cases since 1980. In that time, I have helped many licensed professionals. My goal in these situations is twofold:

  • First, I work to have the criminal charges dismissed. Failing that, I try to get my client into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program, which prevents a conviction from going on my client’s record.
  • Second, I help my clients maintain or re-establish their reputations, careers and professional licenses.

Serving A Range Of Licensed Professionals In Pennsylvania

As an experienced Pennsylvania DUI defense attorney, I provide comprehensive, powerful defense to people who hold professional licenses in a variety of occupations. I encourage you to contact my Glenside law firm if you are accused of drunk driving and you are licensed to:

  • Practice medicine
  • Practice psychiatry
  • Teach in Pennsylvania schools at any level
  • Drive commercial vehicles
  • Practice law
  • Practice dentistry

In addition to defending against the criminal charges, I guide my clients through any administrative issues that arise. Professional licensing boards, bar associations and similar entities may require you to appear before them or file paperwork. I can help you with any necessary steps that these entities may require following a DUI arrest.

Consult With An Experienced Glenside Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

If you are a licensed professional facing a drunk driving charge in Montgomery County, I am ready to meet with you and talk about options. Please call 215-572-0955 or contact my Glenside law firm online.

Your initial consultation is free. I represent professionals in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County and throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.