College is the place to learn new things, often through trial and error. Unfortunately, when a college student is arrested for underage drinking or drunk driving, this mistake can haunt him or her for years to come.

I am Michael F. Dunn and I am a criminal defense attorney in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Since 1980, I have been helping college students with their underage drinking charges. I have successfully represented clients from several of the area’s universities and colleges. I will vigorously defend you or your child and fight to protect his or her rights.

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Helping Parents Of College Students

As the father of college-aged kids, I understand what you are going through. If my own child were arrested for DUI or underage drinking, I would want to hire an experienced attorney to make sure he or she is not charged with everything in the book. I will defend your child from these charges and work to minimize any future harm.

Understanding Underage Drinking Charges In Pennsylvania

If you are under 21 in Pennsylvania, you could be charged with underage drinking if you are caught:

  • Possessing alcohol
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Attempting to buy alcohol
  • Transporting alcohol

If you are convicted of underage drinking, you could face jail time and fines. The first offense is a summary conviction. However, subsequent charges are third-degree misdemeanors.

A Local Lawyer With Local Knowledge

I have extensive experience representing clients charged with drunk driving and underage drinking. Over the years, I have worked with local police officers and judges to try to lower my clients’ punishments. Every judge is different, but I am knowledgeable in the types of punishments to expect from each of them. I will make sure the punishment you or your child receives is fair.

If you are a parent with a child away at college or if you are a college student in need of help, I am here to assist you. Contact my criminal defense firm online or call me at 215-572-0955 to discuss your underage drinking or minor in possession charges. I represent clients throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Glenside, Philadelphia, Delaware County, Bucks County and Montgomery County.