If you have an arrest on your record, it is probably holding you back, preventing you from accomplishing things that are important in your life. You might have difficulty getting the job you want, the home loan you need or into the school of your choice, for example. Having to say “yes” when asked if you were ever arrested hinders you from making the most out of life. When you are arrested, a record of the arrest is kept by the local police, the State Police, the FBI and many other agencies. An expungement can get rid of all of those records.

Putting The Expungement Process To Work For You

Fortunately, a process exists that could solve this problem. The process is called expungement. It wipes the arrest off your record and allows you to truthfully state “no” when asked if you have ever been arrested. As an experienced Glenside criminal defense lawyer, I — Michael F. Dunn— have helped many Montgomery County clients clear their records and move forward in life.

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Expungement erases the record of your arrest, but it does more than that. Your fingerprints, mug shots, case disposition and computer records are destroyed as well. This eliminates all evidence of the criminal offense on your record, allowing you to move forward with your life knowing that a criminal record will not be viewable by potential employers, creditors, school admission officers and others. As an experienced expungement lawyer, I help people in Montgomery County and Philadelphia County get a fresh start.

I Can Help You Determine If You Qualify For An Expungement

Pennsylvania has recently expanded the types of offenses that can be expunged. The biggest change is that summary offenses can now be expunged if you have not been arrested or prosecuted for anything else in the last five years. Beyond that change, expungement may be realistic if:

  • You were found “not guilty”
  • The charges were dismissed
  • You were a first-time DUI offender and successfully completed ARD
  • You were charged as a juvenile
  • You are 70 years or older and have not been arrested in 10 years
  • You had an underage drinking conviction (or convictions) and are now over 21

Let Me Guide You Through Clearing Your Criminal Record

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